Halifax – friends in new places, brown beaches and mussels


The one thing I can say Halifax has given us, is some great friends. Colleen, Linnaea and Genevieve are quite possibly the loveliest girls we have ever met. They are just amazing…

During the conference we quickly became the best of friends. A week of friendship felt like a lifetime. Life stories shared over almost every meal and every drink, brought us closer and each of us brought something unique to the group. Continue reading


Halifax – meetings and meetings

So after a shit, red-eye flight, Katrina and I were exhausted beyond belief. We arrived at our hotel at around 6:30am, with no sleep in 24 hours, we went straight to the room and slept until midday. The rest of the day was a blur…

Monday brought the start of the ArcticNet conference and a 7am wake-up call. The phone buzzed and I leapt out of bed to the voice of three women on the other end of the line. Colleen, Linnaea and Genevieve, Continue reading