Sunshine Coast Startup Weekend

Posing with the promotional surfboard.

Posing with the promotional surfboard.

I arrived at the venue for the Sunshine Coast Startup Weekend, a 54 hour long event where teams of people, mostly strangers, create businesses over a course of a weekend Running on no sleep, less food and copious amounts of coffee. Continue reading


The Fish, again…


On the 9th, we all travelled south the the US state of Montana. Our destination was Whitefish. After a unique and humour filled visit to the US border customs offices, where we were “interrogated” (filled out some forms) by an aloof customs officer who clearly enjoyed entertaining Australians. Teeny somehow sweet-talked the officer into giving us wicked Elk stamps in our passports (I know you’re jealous). After three hours or so, we arrived in the “wild west” town of Whitefish for the third time. Continue reading