So it has snowed! We awoke yesterday morning to a town covered in white powder. The weather report claimed Fernie had received around 32cm of snow in the last 24 hours alone.



The past two days have been spent resting and getting over our sicknesses (as Teeny has the early symptoms of whatever I have had). Continue reading


Crossing the border and onto Fernie.

 Early Friday morning we left Montana and the US and entered the Canadian province of British Columbia. At about this time I was also hit with a sickness which felt somewhere between that of a flu and a cold. My throat was dry and painful beyond belief, my neck ached and my head felt like it would burst. Continue reading

Rowan and Teeny arrive in the US

On Monday the 25th of November we start our three month journey to Canada. After one long flight and two short flights on a twin tail engine plane we finally touched down in a small town called Kallispell in Montana. Image

Flying over America really gives you a good perspective of the geography. From the plane, we flew over prairies, plains, lakes and mountains, most of which were snow capped. I squealed with delight at the sight of the white snow. Continue reading