For a while now I have been formulating a theory – that when you are tested through adversity, you become better.

I call this the theory of discomfort.

What I mean by this, is when you experience some kind of discomfort, you learn about yourself, you surprise yourself with your ability to cope and more often than not, overcome fear and weakness.

Now I hate preachy stuff, but this is something I have begun to truly believe and I have done so through experiencing it myself. From my experience in research in the arctic, to public speaking in front of over 200 people. Each of this uncomfortable experiences make you better and I believe we should all seek discomfort and its benefits.

As part of this, a good friend of mine, Bree Stewart, has chosen to join me in a charity bike ride from Adelaide to Uluru in September. Our goal is to raise awareness and funds for mental health and the charity, Beyondblue. It is also to help me regain fitness after three torn ankle ligaments as well as giving us some much needed discomfort. You can view (and perhaps donate) our charity donation page here. 

Neither of us have much road riding experience beyond riding to work. We have a lot of work to do to get the endurance into our legs but we are very positive.


Along with this theory of discomfort and my passion for adventure and journalism, I will be launching a blog and online magazine later this year. Discomfort magazine will be all about promoting mental health, personal development, conservation and appreciation for nature through adventure, physical experience outdoors and a little risk taking. A little wordy, but it is basically aimed at getting people outdoors and back to nature, as I believe it is good for the mind and soul. Stay tuned for it.

National Geographic explorer and photographer Cory Richards, a personal hero of mine, explains this theory and his personal story.


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