All I Can scene reminds us of the simple joys of being outside

Over the years, the team at Sherpas Cinema have created some of the best adventure films. This ski scene from All I Can has so much depth of emotion to it, especially if you are a fan of snow sports. It just makes you want to get out on the hill and giv’er.

The beauty of outdoor adventure sports is that your do not have to be a professional to enjoy it. You do not need a team of players. All it takes is your physical self, some of the right gear and an adventurous spirit. Every ski run, every climbing route and every trail is the big game. There may be no spectators but when you play, you are playing at your highest level, against the best opposition possible Рyourself.

The amateurs in outdoor adventure sports are the ones which drive it. From the youngest to the oldest, the wild places of the world that we get to play in are the great leveler. Some of us might be more skilled than others but the very nature of us being there and enjoying the moment, the place and the activity is something we all share.

Just like Dennis Hergott says in this segment: “You can just do anything and go anyplace, and you do. You get to the bottom, and you just think, oh okay, let’s do it again. It’s that good.”

The professionals get to live the dream and get paid to do it. You have to be envious of that. But similarly, you could argue that we all get paid to get outside, not in monetary terms, but in experience, fun and friendship – with nature and with those you share it with.

“You have a constituency that’s out on the hill and every one of them, by virtue of what they are doing, is an environmentalist.

“And you are converting people every day through the beauty of the natural world and the opportunity for redemption and a sense of freedom on the hill.” – Auden Schendler

If you haven’t seen All I Can, or any of the work Sherpas Cinema, I implore you to do so.


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