Glacier National Park and turkey day…

Today we left Missoula and headed back towards Whitefish for our Thanksgiving feast. On our way we took the mountain road and headed towards Glacier National Park.

Icy bridge - Missoula 1N3A1881

OMG is all can say, Glacier National Park is full of the sort of forest Rowan and I dream about. A quiet stream with a cabin amongst the forest, one day. The glacial streams and the trees are amazing. 1N3A1897


We drove as far as we could into the park, but were stopped at the aptlynamed “Avalanche Point”. They had shut down the road further on because there was too much snow. When we got out the car we all stood in ankle deep snow, it was so crisp and I was ridiculously excited I couldn’t help myself.

1N3A1923 1N3A1931 1N3A1941 1N3A1944    1N3A2028 1N3A2052

We continued on this trail down to the river which featured some awesome rapids. The sides of the river were frozen and the water was so crystal blue you could see every single stone on the bottom. The water looked like glass.





Once our toes started to get a bit numb from all the jumping around in snow we needed to get back in the truck and head back to Whitefish.


While driving we had to stop as there was the most amazing thing I had everseen. A waterfall by the side of the road had frozen and turned into an amazing ice formation. The locals had squirted food coloring on it, which they apparently do every year to colour it. Wow, oh wow, it was incredible. It didn’t look real at all but it was, I stood on the ice which cracked under my feet. 1N3A2230

1N3A2264Thomas went on a bit of a wander and called us to climb up the side of the mountain with him. He had found the biggest ice waterfall ever, it was so incredible. It was a slippery walk up as it was covered in ice. It snowed gently as we climbed. The waterfall looked as if it has been snapped frozen in time. At the bottom of the cliff, where the waterfall would normally crash, was all ice as well and the stream flowing from it was frozen solid too.


Thanksgiving is awesome in America everyone goes nuts, its bigger than Christmas. Sarah had booked us Thanksgiving dinner at the Whitefish lake lodge. It was the fanciest place I have ever been in and had the most amazing turkey banquet dinner filled with all the yummiest foods you could ever imagine and of course Pumpkin and Pecan Pie for dessert.


Tomorrow we head on to Canada, which we will hopefully cross without a snag or without paying huge taxes. First we must buy some more winter and arctic gear, and then head towards Fernie, where we will stay until the 8th of December.


– Teeny


5 thoughts on “Glacier National Park and turkey day…

    • one word , no two words” How Awesome”in the true sense’ I know that you will have many more of these experiences in the next three months

  1. Wow! What a special place! We woke up this morning and it was great to look at the next installment of your blog. Great photos! Keep them coming 🙂

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